Make Your Vet Clinic Part Of Your Yearly Routine

Pets are an instrumental part of their owners' households, but quite often their health is put at risk by simply not having regular checkups. This is of course not done on purpose, after all, many people live extraordinarily busy lives, and unless you see your pet visibly suffering, it is easy to assume everything is okay. However, in reality, many pets can be suffering in silence or be presenting the early warning signs of a disease or condition that needs immediate attention.

Three Ways Cat Owners Can Make Vet Trips Less Stressful

When your cat is poorly, needs the snip or just a simple pet vaccination, the vet is the first place to take them. The problem for many cat owners is that it can be extremely stressful for their fluffy bundles of joy -- and it can also be stressful for the owners. Here are a few tips and pointers to consider when looking to make the vet trip a more bearable experience:

How to Stop Your Dog's Ear Mites from Coming Back

The best way to get rid of your dog's ear mites is to take them to a vet for medication that kills the mites. This treatment can take a few weeks, but it's sure to put an end to your dog's scratching, head shaking and ear abrasions. However, ear mite treatment isn't a permanent cure. If you're not careful, your dog could get ear mites again—and again, and again—leading to more discomfort for your pup and more money in veterinary bills for you.