Three Ways Cat Owners Can Make Vet Trips Less Stressful

When your cat is poorly, needs the snip or just a simple pet vaccination, the vet is the first place to take them. The problem for many cat owners is that it can be extremely stressful for their fluffy bundles of joy -- and it can also be stressful for the owners. Here are a few tips and pointers to consider when looking to make the vet trip a more bearable experience:

Car Journeys

Car journeys can often be more stressful than the actual visit to the vet for certain cats. Many cat owners will have experienced the wailing and protesting from their feline friends, and it can be a stressful event for both parties. The best way to reduce some of this feline anxiety is to get them familiarised with traveling. Cats are lovers of routine and the familiar, and transport is certainly not part of that daily routine. Cat owners should bring their cat's favourite toy or blanket and make a comfortable space for them in their carrier. You should also consider giving them a treat to reward their good behaviour in such stressful circumstances!


Carriers for cats can be a love or hate relationship; some cats enjoy being in their carriers due to the small space, others not so much. What is important is to make the carrier the most comfortable it can be during transit and encourage your feline friend to hang out in their carrier even when not at the vet. This can lead your cat to associate its carrier with rest and relaxation, making their temporary stay in there far more enjoyable.


Proper handling is encouraged to be introduced to cats when they are kittens, but even so, many cats may have an issue with humans touching and feeling them, especially if they are unfamiliar strangers. Practice proper handling of your feline at home frequently, and encourage visitors to do so as well, and make sure to reward your cat with a treat when they respond positively. While a potentially long process, this can make your cat more willing to be handled by the vet and thus their vet visits will be an easier process.

Home Checkups

Cat owners might not like the sound of getting hands-on medically with their feline friends, but it is not so difficult to do a quick health checkup of your cat, and it will help to familiarise your cat with what a vet will typically do. This also comes with the added benefits of less frequent vet visits, and the potential to identify problems at an earlier stage.