How Neutering Will Improve Your Dog's Behaviour

Neutering your dog is about more than just preventing puppies. While eliminating the risk of any accidental matings is definitely one of the biggest benefits of neutering, there are many more advantages to the procedure. Alongside health benefits (such as a reduced likelihood of developing cancer or prostate complications), one of the most overlooked benefits of neutering your dog is how much it can improve their behaviour. Here are just four main changes you may notice after neutering your furry friend.

Does Your Dog Have a Dental Cavity?

In theory, any creature with teeth can develop a cavity in those teeth. Perhaps humans are the most susceptible to cavities, due to the amount of sugar that can be found in the average diet. But if you or any member of your family develops a cavity, then it's off to your dentist. But it's not as though each and every member of your family can actually tell you if they're experiencing a problem with one of their teeth.