Grooming a Dog with Cushing's Disease

Certain canine medical conditions can be treated with surgery, although surgery is not necessarily going to be recommended. This is the case with Cushing's disease, which also exists in humans. The disease means that your dog's body produces excessive cortisol, which is a steroid hormone. Most instances of Cushing's disease are triggered by a small growth on your dog's pituitary gland (located at the base of their brain). Given the location of the growth, surgery is risky, which is why your dog's condition will generally be managed with medication, along with certain dietary and lifestyle recommendations.

Why Urinary Tract Obstruction In Male Cats Is Always An Emergency

Urinary tract obstruction can kill a strong, healthy cat in a shockingly short amount of time. As such, it should always be considered a medical emergency, necessitating immediate treatment at an emergency and/or 24-hour veterinary clinic. However, urinary tract obstruction can be particularly serious in male cats, so you should act with even more urgency if you suspect your male cat is having urinary problems. What is urinary tract obstruction?