Two Reasons Why Pet Grooming Services Are So Popular

Do you have a pet that needs to be groomed? Here are two reasons why pet grooming services are so popular amongst pet owners.

This type of service can reduce a pet owner's vet bills  

One reason pet grooming services are so popular with pet owners is that they can help these people to reduce their vet bills. If for example, a pet owner has their dog's long-haired coat trimmed to a short length regularly, they'll be able to spot a new, small spot of dermatitis or a suspicious-looking mole sooner than if the dog had long and matted hair. This could then allow the pet owner to get the spot of dermatitis treated or the malignant mole removed by their vet before either disease progresses to the point where their dog needs major surgeries or other medical treatments that could cost thousands.

Similarly, if a dog gets their nails trimmed regularly at the groomer, they'll be less likely to cut their skin when scratching themselves with their paws. This, in turn, could prevent them from developing skin infections that could cost the pet owner a lot of money to get resolved by their vet. Additionally, if a cat is bathed regularly by a pet groomer, this professional will be able to spot the early signs of fleas in the animal's fur, and could then either offer a treatment or advise the owner to get a simple, low-cost treatment from the vet. This could prevent the cat from developing anaemia (an issue that can arise from a long-term untreated flea infestation), and thus save the owner the much more significant expense of having this serious condition treated.

This service can reduce the amount of damage a pet inflicts on its owner's home

Another reason for the popularity of pet grooming services amongst pet owners is that the use of this service can reduce the amount of damage their pets inflict on their homes. If, for example, a person has their dog's coat washed, brushed and trimmed regularly, the amount of hair that will fall off the dog and get matted into the owner's carpets and upholstered furniture will be far less than if the dog were never groomed.

Likewise, if a person has their cat or dog's sharp claws trimmed by their vet's pet groomer regularly, then it will be less likely that their pet will scratch their wooden floors or furniture, or tear their curtains or cushions when they put their paws on them. Finally, if a cat or dog's coat is washed and trimmed regularly, the grime that would otherwise be on their coat (created by a combination of their national oils, mixing with dirt and dust) will not get transferred onto the surfaces (such as sofas, beds or the floors) that they sleep on.

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