5 Ways Your Vet Can Help With Your Pregnant Dog's Delivery

If your dog is pregnant and will soon be giving birth, you may feel excitement and nerves. After all, this is a big moment for your furry friend - and for you, too! Thankfully, your veterinarian can help ensure that everything goes smoothly. Here are five ways your vet can help with your dog's delivery.

1. Monitor Your Dog's Health Throughout Pregnancy

Throughout your dog's pregnancy, your vet will monitor her health to make sure everything is progressing as it should. This will involve regular check-ups, allowing you to ask questions or express any concerns you may have.

2. Perform X-Rays

During the pregnancy, your vet will likely perform x-rays to confirm the number of puppies your dog is carrying. This information will be important in determining the resources (e.g., food, bedding, etc.) you'll need on hand when the time comes for delivery. The x-rays also allow the vet to check that the pregnancy is progressing as expected.

3. Help You Choose the Best Time for Delivery

No two deliveries are alike, so it's impossible to say exactly when your dog will go into labour. However, your vet can give you a general timeline based on the number of puppies she's carrying and her overall health. They will also be able to guide you on when to bring your dog into the clinic for delivery.

4. Be There for Delivery

When the time comes for delivery, your vet will oversee everything and ensure both mom and puppies are healthy and happy. In addition to delivering the puppies, they will also clamp and cut the umbilical cords and administer any necessary vaccinations.

5. Provide Care for Mom and Puppies After Delivery

After delivery, your vet will care for both mom and puppies as needed. This may involve checking in on the mom to ensure she's healing properly and providing milk for her newborns if they have trouble nursing. The vet will also check on the puppies to ensure they're growing and developing as they should be.


Delivery day is an exciting but potentially stressful time for pet parents. Thankfully, your veterinarian can help ensure that everything goes smoothly by performing regular check-ups, ordering x-rays, providing guidance on timing, overseeing delivery itself, and caring for both mom and puppies afterwards. So if you're wondering how your vet can help with childbirth, now you know. Contact a local vet clinic today for more information.