When Is It Time to Get Vet Help for a Vomiting Cat?

Vomiting can be a sign of a range of mild and more serious medical conditions for a cat. However, it's also a normal reaction to eating bad food, poisons or even having too much fur in their digestive system. If you are unsure of whether your cat needs to go to the vet after vomiting here are some other indications. 

Was it a once off?

If your cat has done a once off vomit but is otherwise healthy and happy, and hasn't kept vomiting, this can be a sign that they had something that they need to purge. Cat's will sometimes induce vomiting by eating grass and roughage if they feel sick and this can be a way for them to get rid of something that is bothering them such as spoilt meat that they have nibbled on. 

Alternately if the cat keeps vomiting they may end up getting dehydrated and may need some vet support to keep them hydrated particularly if the weather is warm. 

Do they have other symptoms? 

Even if the vomiting does not seem severe if it is accompanied by other issues such as crankiness, weakness in the legs or sleepiness it can be a good idea to get a vet to look them over and potentially take some samples to determine if they are poisoning or have been bitten by a snake. Baited rats can be an easily accessible snack for domestic cats and can make them very ill if the cat eats the rat and poison.

Is there blood or bile in the vomit?

If the vomit includes blood or bright fluid (bile or stomach fluid) this can be a clue that there is a physical issue in the belly that may need treatment. This can include both more serious physical issues such as tumors as well as cats swallowing sharp items such as fishhooks which can become lodged in the digestive system. These items may need to be surgically removed as allowing them to stay can lead to continuing vomiting as well as the potential for worsening issues such as bowel obstruction, bleeding, and potential sepsis.

If you are concerned about your cat's bleeding it can be a good idea to get them to a vet to get assessed. If the vomiting is normal you can get some extra reassurance but if it does need treatment this will help you to get the appropriate treatment as early as possible.